Green Friday – For Every Order, We’ll Plant One Tree!

Friday the 27th of November 2020 will mark the 4th official Green Friday and at Ecostore, we are thrilled to be getting involved again this year. Black Friday has been a global tradition for decades and unfortunately the negative environmental impact of the tradition has been immensely overlooked! Every year, Black Friday bears witness to companies across the globe slashing their prices which leads to mass consumerism. This is a huge concern from both an environmental and economical perspective.

Firstly, the sharp influx of global sales that takes place on Black Friday means that there is a huge overconsumption of items from carbon-heavy industries such as: fast-fashion and electronics. Not to mention the plastic packaging and transportation intrinsically attached to each sale. Secondly, from an economical perspective, Black Friday encourages shoppers to buy from random companies online that may be located halfway across the world which has a negative impact on local economies.

The goal behind Green Friday is to raise awareness about the negative impact of Black Friday, while also promoting local businesses and sustainable products. The hope is to reverse or at least reduce the environmental damage caused by mass consumerism. At Ecostore, we are doing our bit for Green Friday by planting trees. Yes, you read that correctly – for every order placed on Green Friday, we will be planting a tree in Spring and naming each tree after the person who placed the order! As well as this, we are offering 10% off selected Irish brands and sustainable products.

Visit our Green Friday sale section for more information!

Happy Shopping :) 

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