Detox Your Home with Lilly’s Eco Clean

Cleaning has always been an integral part of society, but since the onset of Covid-19 its importance has grown immensely. Households across the globe are stocking up on all kinds of hygiene products to ensure that their homes are sufficiently sanitized at all times. All of the harsh chemicals found in cleaning products may be causing skin irritations for many people. However, there are cleaning brands who only use natural ingredients in their products, Lilly’s Eco Clean is one of these brands.

Lilly’s Eco Clean is an Irish company, based in Connemara who specalises in eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products. Lilli Klint, one of the founders of the company, had her own contract cleaning business when she got the inspiration for Lilly’s Eco Clean. She developed severe sinusitis as a result of being exposed to the toxic chemicals that were found in the conventional cleaning products she was using. After this frightening experience, Lilli had the idea to eliminate the risk of this happening again by creating her own cleaning products. So, from her own kitchen she created a beautiful, toxic free range of cleaning products that are now sold all over Ireland.

Since 2003 Lilly’s Eco Clean have been committed to delivering chemical free cleaning products that are safe to use on a daily basis. Their product range includes natural cleaning and laundry products such as: multipurpose spray, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, washing up liquid, degreaser, laundry liquid and fabric softener. Lilly’s Eco Clean also offer 5 litre refillable versions of their products so that you can reduce your household plastic waste.  

Here is a closer look at some of their products that are available to purchase online:

If you would like to learn more about the harmful impact of the toxic chemicals found in conventional cleaning products, visit our blog post ‘How do Cleaning Products Damage the Environment?’.

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