Start Your Own Herb Garden – Seedstick Giveaway

To say thank you to all of our customers for continuing to support us during lockdown, we are going to be giving away free seedsticks with every order placed on our website for the next 4 weeks.

Each seedstick comes with a unique discount code for €5 off of your next ecostore purchase. You also have the option to upgrade your gift voucher to €15 by completing these two simple steps:

  1. Take a photo or a video clip of your seedstick being planted
  2. Share you photo/video clip on either Instagram or Facebook and tag us – Facebook: @ecostoreie Instagram:

What are Seedsticks?

Every seedstick packet contain 5 compostable carboard sticks. Each stick has mixed herb seeds enclosed within it. Once your seedsticks have been planted, the seeds will start to germinate within just 12 days!

Usage Instructions:

Planting your seedstick couldn’t be easier. Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to starting your very own herb garden:

  1. Prepare an area in soil where you want to plant the seedstick
  2. Gently break off a seedstick from the packet
  3. Push the pointed end into the soil up to the green depth line marked on the seedstick
  4. Water your seedstick
  5. Leave the stick in position and watch your herbs grow! (Don’t forget to take a snap for social media for an extra €10 off your next order).

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