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DIY Bokashi Compost Tea - Ecostore

Compost tea is an organic and natural alternative to chemical fertilizers. It essentially consists of aged compost steeped in water. Traditionally you would make compost tea by steeping aged compost in water in a brew bag for a number of hours. There are many different methods of making compost tea, however one of the simplest methods is by using a bokashi bucket.

What is Bokashi:

Bokashi is a composting process that uses inoculated bran in a specially designed bin to break down and ferment food waste. The process rebalances the pH of the food waste, turning it into a nutrient-rich soil builder. Unlike most other compost bins, Bokashi buckets can break down cooked food waste. Bokashi buckets have a spout which allows you to drain any excess liquid from your food waste – this liquid is perfect for making compost tea.


What You Will Need:

  • Bokashi Bucket
  • Bokashi Bran
  • Watering can or water container
  • Water
  • Aged Compost


How to Make Bokashi Compost Tea:

1. Extract Bokashi Liquid:

Drain the liquid from your bokashi bucket into a separate container using the bucket spout.

2. Dilute Bokashi Liquid:

You will need to dilute the bokashi liquid as it will be too potent in its concentrated form. The ratio of water to bokashi liquid will depend on how much liquid you have but generally you want to have 1 gallon of water for every 2-3 oz of bokashi liquid.

3. Apply Bokashi Tea to Plants:

Once you have diluted your bokashi liquid, the tea is now ready to be applied to your plants.  Apply the bokashi tea directly onto the soil, avoiding the plant leaves themselves. Make sure to use all of the tea within 1-2 days as it can lose its potency if it is left sitting in your container for too long.

If you are not sold on bokashi tea yet, have a look at some of its main benefits below!


Benefits of Compost Tea:

ecostore - DIY Bokashi Compost Tea
1. Organic

One of the best things about compost tea is that it is completely organic, making it safer for the environment and for those using it. Inorganic fertilizers and pesticides often contain large amounts of hazardous chemicals such as: zinc, lead and chromium. Exposure to these chemicals is extremely dangerous and can have harmful effects to human health. Due to the fact that compost tea is organic, the only adverse effect you may encounter is a slight foul odour.

 2. Easy to Make

Bokashi compost tea could not be simpler to make. With other compost tea recipes, you need to steep your compost in water for a number of hours before you can use the tea effectively. However, because bokashi buckets have a spout to extract the excess liquid from your compost, there is no need to steep anything – all you have to do is dilute the liquid with water! 

3. Promotes Stronger, Healthier Plants

Unlike chemical based fertilizers, compost tea will improve the overall condition of your soil. Plants that are rooted in unhealthy soil are more likely to contract various root disease regardless of the nutrients that it is given. By improving soil tilth, compost tea promotes stronger and healthier plants.

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