What is a suitable Plastic Wrap Alternative?

We get a lot of emails from our customers about the “Plastic” Wrap that we use to protect some of our packages. Every time we do, we smile, as we know that our customers are on our case and we are delighted that they are so diligent. So for those of you who are curious. Read on.

As most of you already know ecostore.ie use repurposed cardboard boxes for most of our products that we send out. We also use recycled paper for filling and if you do find more eco-friendly packaging you can be assured that we only use these because they were sent to us. If it is reused enough times it will still reduce the carbon footprint of the material.

But for some of our packages, we had a conundrum for years.

To save on our delivery carbon footprint we used to put boxes together to save on transport. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of our products to get damaged upon arrival. This would mean that there is extra waste from the damaged product and also extra transport for the replacement product.

To make a package that contains several items stronger, the norm is to use pallet wrap.

This plastic material would tighten around the parcel and protect the contents. The catch 22 of this material is that it is a single-use plastic. This was a serious problem as every time we tried to send our packages the eco way, they would get damaged. This would cause much more waste than if we used recyclable pallet wrap.

3 years went by as we searched and trialed materials. We first started with degradable wrap. We thought this would solve the issue. But as some of you may know,  “Biodegradable” packaging has its problems.

The standard “ECO” sugar starch expensive wraps had serious problems. These biodegradable products cannot be mixed with other plastics for disposal/recycling. They contaminate plastics creating even more waste and more plastic that goes to landfill instead of the recycling plant.

Back to the drawing board.

Eventually 2 years ago we found a product that was suitable for purpose. 

BioZ material is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging and pallet wrap.

This material fully breaks down to just carbon and oxygen. This complete degradation means no trace is left to pollute the environment. And more importantly, This material can be recycled so it can be collected and recycled with other plastics without causing any contamination.

Finally, we can consciously see our packages leave our warehouse knowing that we were not creating any unnecessary waste products of our own.

We have still a long way to go but we have the firm belief that everyone should do a little bit every day. And once that becomes the norm, do a little more. these small steps may seem insignificant but if everyone does it. it can create a domino effect that sweeps the world.

We have a long way to go. Let’s keep going.

Let us know via social media what you have done lately to reduce waste.

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