Free Gifts for Everyone for the Month of November!

We are super happy with our new site that we have decided to give everyone who supports what we are doing something fun.

As some of you know we got some really cool bamboo straws and we now have a great new promo gift voucher code that’s also a seed stick pouch!

What is a seed stick pouch you might say?? well its simple. Along with featuring a 5 euro off voucher code it also has 5 individual seed sticks that you can plant at home. each seed stick holds about 5 random herb seeds so you can grow some delicious herbs at home on your window!

And Better yet if you feel like sharing your venture on social media and tagging us. We will send you a unique 10 euro voucher code to spend on our store!

So every order that is over €50 you are guaranteed to get a seedstick voucher. anything under 50 we either give you 2 bamboo straws and a cleaner or a voucher card. its a lottery!

Everyone’s a winner baby!

But that’s not all.

Over the next few months we are working on some really cool stuff to get our name and the eco agenda out there.

We look forward to having you all on our Journey.

Thanks you all!

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