Pay by Weight Waste Charges information

From July 2017 all across the republic of Ireland the new ‘pay by weight’ charges will come in with immediate effect. This means that if you are not already paying for the weight of the rubbish in your bin already, you will have to do so within the next couple of months.

Each waste management company will be sending their customers out literature detailing their payment charges.

This idea is to help encourage customers to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste more effectively. If you are considerate and plan your recycling then this will mean a reduction of your bin costs. If you do not recycle and constantly use your standard waste bin you will probably be charged more.

  • Domestic waste bin will be the most expensive to empty
  • Secondly comes the food waste bin
  • And finally the recycling bin

How can I reduce my bin charges?

Well here comes the easy bit! To make sure that you are charged the least for your bins then here is the simple solution…

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